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Savona Mill Race

Savona Mill Drone Race

A new first for the city, my brother and I were excited to host the very first drone race in Charlotte, NC.

Event Details

Hosted in the Savona Mill, a 100 year old textile mill, we had a great turnout of more than 20 pilots and 50+ spectators. The adjoining Blue Blaze Brewing Co. were the kind hosts to our spectator viewing area, featuring one of the first live-streamed drone races ever to take place, with four separate video feeds being broadcasted to the brewery's TVs and on YouTube.

The race was sanctioned by the Drone Nationals and MultiGP, and the top 2 pilots qualified for the 2017 Drone Nationals in NYC. The event was a huge success and we are looking forward to hosting more events in the future.


Top 8 Winners Circle

One of our contenders, Paul Nurkkala (opens in a new tab), would go on to compete in the 2017 Drone Nationals. He also competed in the DRL races and won the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship.

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