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Flash Gallery

Gallery offers a wide range of selectable options, loaded through an external XML file. It can be used to display any number of images in many different ways, with great transition effects. It is now fully functional and provides an excellent and professional image slideshow through Flash 8. It was created for use on


  • Load almost any type of image.
  • Easily load images from Flickr.
  • Add a custom watermark.
  • Load background music, set volume.
  • Show individual or global captions for each image.
  • Start on any image or play from start.
  • Automatic resizing to fit, or crop to screen.
  • Set individual or global durations for photos.
  • Individual or global links.
  • Loop playlist option.
  • Control slideshow with keyboard.
  • Shuffle or play in order.
  • Choose from 14 transitions, or set to random.
  • Random transition subsets make for a total of 101 possible effects.


Your browser does not support WASM, see Ruffle documentation for more information.