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Interactive User Interface

In the early 2000's, I was hired to create some novel user interaction designs for a website (this was before such a thing as a "web application"). Being old and outdated, many features are now broken but the idea and uniqueness remains. Click and drag a topic to the screen and play around!

The original supported music, video, news, and photos. Each was a separate component which could be dragged into the working area and interacted with. The music and video player featured a playlist, volume control, and a full-screen mode. The news reader contained a list of news items, a preview pane, and a full article view. The photo viewer loaded images from Flickr and allowed you to view them in a slideshow or full-screen mode.

It was a fullscreen experience, so the demo below is a bit cramped.




Some of the APIs used in this demo are no longer available, so some features are broken.

Your browser does not support WASM, see Ruffle documentation for more information.