TI Calculator Games

TI Calculator Games

A collection of finished and unfinished games and utilities written in BASIC for the TI-83/84/+. Completed apps:

Drawout ↗ (opens in a new tab): A drawing application with a few features and enhancements.

Jackpot ↗ (opens in a new tab): A casino-style slot machine, using characters rather than images.

Jumper ↗ (opens in a new tab): My personal favorite, a simple jumper. Press the button, jump over the hole.

Matches ↗ (opens in a new tab): Also called Nim, a classic two-player puzzle game. Play a friend or the computer. Force your opponent to take the last match.

Mazeworm ↗ (opens in a new tab): A complex snake-esque game. Make your way through increasingly difficult mazes without touching the walls. Accepts custom maps.

RPS ↗ (opens in a new tab): Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Tic-Tac ↗ (opens in a new tab): Tic-Tac-Toe.

Trigger ↗ (opens in a new tab): An assasination game modeled after the Sniper assembly games.

Whack ↗ (opens in a new tab): Whack-a-mole on your calculator.

Find them on GitHub ↗ (opens in a new tab).